Roozle’s Plate

After a few dinners in a row that Roozle hasn’t really been into, I went back to a standby: eggs. I could eat only eggs and toast for every meal and be perfectly happy. Tonight Roozle had an egg and cheddar omelette and we had ours with mushrooms, shallots, and garlic. With a rosemary bread. So good. She ate it all. And a bag of pretzels. And a banana. And a kefir smoothie. And three extra pieces of bread. And a big slab of butter off the knife. And all the peppers. And three honey graham bears. And a dried fruit snack. I guess she was hungry.

What did you have for dinner?

Author: Casey

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  1. I went to the local bar for a friend of a friend birthday dinner (I didn’t know anyone except my friend, but I live practically across the street so I was invited) Tuesday night is “family style” so everyone shares everything. I had fish, sweet potatoes, greens, apple crisp and beer. I ended up drawing pictures with Luca the 5yr old , we started with a chicken’s birthday party then somehow ended up with a dragon and a rabbit having a fight and there were rockets involved….Boys.

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