Blissed Out

There are a lot of not blissful moments. There always are. When we’re late for work. When I get frustrated with MCB for forgetting to drop off the laundry. When she gets frustrated with me for labeling everything and asking her too many questions. When the dog barfs on the floor just after we cleaned up the cat barf. When we’re tired and don’t want to make dinner. When we’re out for dinner and Roozle is starting to lose it. When we eat out too much and eat too much pasta because we can’t think of anything else to eat or don’t have the time to make something more awesome. When Roozle cries and runs away at school drop off and breaks our hearts into a million pieces.

When there isn’t enough time.

When we don’t take any time for ourselves and try to run errands after school and work and before dinner. When we miss our families and want to spend more time with them but the thought of driving anywhere and doing anything is totally exhausting.

When the dog steals Roozle’s cheese stick out of her hand. And it was the last one.

When I feel guilty for buying everything through amazon because we can’t find the time to buy more stuff locally. When we didn’t find the time this entire summer to can tomatoes and I’m so sad about it because now we’re going to have to eat store bought tomato sauce all winter and I hate that.

There are lots of not blissful moments. But overall, things are good. Life rules. It’s not perfect, but it feels pretty close to perfect a lot of times. And the times that aren’t, we’ve been lucky to be able to just learn from it or not and just move on. We are pretty good about having perspective. We’re healthy. We’re happy. Things are good and when they aren’t, they’re still okay.

How do you handle the not so blissful moments?

Pictured above: Blissed out playing Memory while trying to walk the dog, empty the dishwasher and make dinner. At once. We played a bit and finished the game this morning.

Thanks to Kathy for asking: Are things always blissful?

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Author: Casey

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  1. not blissful moments happen! balance comes to mind. for every not blissful moment, I feel there is a blissful moment waiting to show me life is good. sure life can be crap at times but I try to learn from why things took a wrong turn and move on. our family has given us soooo many blissful moments! we now can laugh at the many not blissful moments when we get together. Bonus, blessed….Riley is pure bliss!!

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  2. I never get ANY credit for your terminology….it’s making me not blissed out. 🙁

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