Roozle’s Lunch

Today Roozle has a cheddar cheese, quince jam, and honey sandwich. And yes she ate a spoonful of the honey while making it. And then a spoonful of the quince jam. While I do actually like all these things, this sandwich is grossing me out. She also cut it herself so it didn’t fit right and was oozing the filling everywhere. And made a sticky mess on the counter that we didn’t have time to clean up and our house cleaner is coming today and will wonder why we pour honey on our counters.

I let it all happen. Because it’s important for me to let Roozle be involved. It’s important for me to let her try new things and make messes. It’s important for me to let go a bit and let there be some honey on the counter and let there be an oozing sandwich and know it’s okay.

Because sometimes I get a bit anxious about that kind of thing. And in my mind I’m Kate Gosselin following her toddlers with a swiffer years ago. But today I let it go. Because sometimes, it’s okay to let go and let life happen.

Author: Casey

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