A Proper Breakfast

A proper breakfast. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned during these three plus years of parenting it’s this: as soon as you think you’ve established something, it changes. Every single time.

So, we did the Breakfast Bar. It ruled. And then suddenly it didn’t. She started leaving the fridge open for too long. Never closing the cereal. Feeding everything to the dog. Everything. And since the dog has her own dog food, we’re closing up shop with the Breakfast Bar for now.

This morning I made her an egg. With pears and raisins and a smoothie to drink. She drank 6 sips of the smoothie then fed that to the cat. Yes, the cat likes smoothies. Who doesn’t?

And tomorrow, maybe I will make another egg. Or maybe we won’t eat eggs again for a month. You just never know.

And HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my lovely and supportive wife, and Roozle’s Mama, MCB. Life rules with you. Thanks for being awesome.

Sidenote: I have been frustrated with the way facebook is running pages for a bit, so am experimenting with something new, which technically is going back to something old, opening up my regular facebook page for public posts and subscriptions. I added a little subscribe button over on the right side of the page here. If we’re not already fb friends and you’ve been following along with the lifewithroozle fb page, I encourage you to subscribe.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing the blog love!

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