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Here’s what I’m currently reading and enjoying and digging into online. What are you reading? Add links to blog posts or articles in the comments, or link up on the lifewithRoozle facebook page.

This week I’ve again been enjoying my inbox. I love to email subscribe to my favorite blogs. Through email, I can spend more time with the posts and also come back to them at a good time to get the most out of the reading.

My favorite inbox posts this week are:

40 Things that are Brave to Do:
This week Elan Morgan posted 40 Things that are Brave to Do. In our house, we talk about being brave a lot, but mostly on little kid terms, “Yes, Roozle! You were very brave about that street sweeper!” Not really that sharing your fears as an adult and crying, admitting when you’re wrong and asking for help can be brave too. I need this. I often forget that being vulnerable is brave. You can read the whole post here at schmutzie.com. Can you relate? How do you define bravery?

Dog Shaming and the Reason You’re So Damn Busy:
Suburban Snapshots is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. This week Brenna wrote about how leaving a note for her dog sitter reminded her of how much time and energy she puts into so many things. Like how I told my mom last week not to talk about curtains or show us the new ones she bought for us when she came over because our dog is afraid of curtains and will shake for hours if you bring it up. This post is hilarious. And true. And a huge part of why we all need to be nicer to ourselves. We are really busy protecting our animals and kids and friends and wives from curtains and cleaning up their barf in the garage. Next time you’re feeling guilty about taking a minute for yourself, think of this post. You can read the whole post here on suburbansnapshots.com.

Check these out too:
Brene Brown’s Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto: here.

Sleepless in Seattle: here.

A Podcast about Happiness: here

Pictured above: I am taking a class on Monday nights. This is my view each night before walking into class. I love Boston.

Author: Casey

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