She Eats What We Eat



When Roozle was a baby, she pretty much ate what we ate. We shared what we were having. Now I find that when we make her meals, we often make her what we would eat. When I make her lunch, I give her a lot of fruit. Because I like fruit. When MCB makes her pasta, she always puts a little extra cheese on top, because she likes it that way. This also means that I often don’t give her the things I don’t like. Because I don’t really think of it. I don’t like mango, so I don’t buy it and don’t put it on Roozle’s Plate. MCB likes it and often thinks to buy it and give to to Roozle. It’s one of Roozle’s favorites.

Sometimes we get stuck in the rhythm of me making Roozle’s Plate most of the time and I do all her lunches. So Roozle gets a bit stuck in what I like a little too much. Today MCB made her lunch and fed her breakfast. She had a few things I don’t usually think of that she really enjoyed. It’s a great reminder to me to keep a lot of different foods in the rotation. And to let MCB take over Roozle’s Plate once in a while. As you can see from the photos above she does a pretty fancy arrangement. And Roozle really likes pickles.

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Author: Casey

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