Appliances for Caemon: Day Five

These are my two favorite appliances. Okay, I’m not sure the iPod dock counts as an appliance but we love it. It’s some $35 one that Roozle broke one day and we immediately replaced it because we use it so much. We like to dance in the kitchen. We listen to a lot of music.

And coffee. I tried to be fancy for a long time. All kinds of stove top espresso and French press and pour over goodness. Then we went on vacation and had an awesome pot of coffee every morning. We actually prepared it the night before so all we had to do is push a button. It ruled. So we got one for home and it’s my favorite.

This post concludes Appliances for Caemon, a five day series. Keep him and his family in your minds in this hard time and follow their journey on Facebook to find ways to help. There will be another tshirt order in a little while too.

Good luck little guy! We’re sending you all the love and strength we have from over here in Boston. We hope you enjoyed our appliance tour. 🙂

This post is for Caemon. A three year old little boy who is fighting leukemia. He loves kitchen appliances. Please post or link to your favorite appliances here in the comments or on their facebook page: Caring for Caemon

Author: Casey

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