Roozle’s Plate: Sick Day


Roozle came home sick from school yesterday. After a long nap, her temperature spiked to 103.9, the highest we’ve seen. We know that fevers on their own aren’t what’s scary, it’s the body’s way of fighting something, but still. 103.9 is not a number I want to see.

Since then, she’s been at between 101 and 102.5. With Motrin, watermelon, and other cool snacks, she’s been doing okay. With moments of total sadness mixed in too of course. Our standard way of dealing with high fevers has always been to alternate Tylenol and Motrin, but this time she’s refusing the Tylenol.

She just colored on the couch and is eating well, so I’m hoping she will be better tomorrow.

How do you deal with fevers?

Author: Casey

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  1. Fevers make our kid miserable and so outside of ibuprofen we let her play in the bath in lukewarml water, which brightens her mood, even for a little bit.

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  2. tylenol/motrin and indulging whims/lifting normal limits for her.
    emailing the doctor, and worrying on facebook for me.

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  3. Lots of cuddling and couch/reading, definitely a cool bath and/or pool time. For me it’s mostly about understanding how they feel, putting myself in their shoes, and being compassionate and helpful. I know how much I want to be waited on when I don’t feel well! A cool washcloth on the forehead isn’t always the most comfortable thing for them, but it can help with keeping the fever level. You’re on the right track, just keep it up!

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