Keeping Kids Cool on a Hot Day


It’s going to be a very hot 99 degrees here in Jamaica Plain today.

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay cool on a hot day.

  • A Porch Pool: This is our newest favorite. We recently bought a small pool from a local hardware store, hung a sheet on the porch to block the sun, and filled it up. Roozle happily spends hours playing in the water while we soak our feet and stay in the shade.
  • Swim at the Community Pool: We love open swim and family swim at our community pool. The family membership is affordable and Roozle loves to swim. Curtis Hall has open swim this afternoon from 4-6pm. Check out the rest of the schedule here:
  • Sprinklers/Spray Decks: JP has two spray decks, one at Green Street at Johnson Park and all smaller one across from the Stony Brook T stop on the SW Corridor. Both have lots of spots in the shade and lots of friends to play with. Roozle likes to bring cups with her to fill up and dump out. Over and over.
  • Swim at the Pond: It’s illegal to swim at JP Pond, but Houghton’s Pond is close by and totally awesome.
  • Stay Inside: a cool bath or water play at the sink can keep kids cool for hours. Close the curtains and use room darkening shades to keep out the heat.

Don’t forget a safe sunscreen, lots of water, homemade popsicles, and cold fruit. Happy Summer!

Check out PhDinParenting’s guide to Water Safety before heading to the lake or pool.

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Author: Casey

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  1. We are super hot (at least for us!) this summer and your tips are great! We use the sprinkler when we can because it’s fun and keeps everyone cool. Hydration is so important!

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  2. I discovered a new tool this year. With really small ones just a little water can be plenty. Instead of having my families by bulky kiddie pools this year we just used their long-style winter sleds! Doesn’t use a ton of water, easy to move/dump/refill/get in and out of/re-cool, and keeps them happy for hours! Perfect for the infant to 2 category 🙂 Genius!

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