Sometimes Less Isn’t More

Sometimes Less Isn’t More



I haven’t had a watch in years. I wore Swatch watches for a long time, but when I freaked out about plastic years ago, I got rid of the watch. I never replaced it. Mostly because I couldn’t find a non-plastic one I liked. And because I had my phone. My phone is always with me, and has the time. Since I got my iPhone, though, I’ve noticed that I would often get it out to check the time, and would get sucked in as the notifications popped up. I was once so much better at this whole thing. I kept all the notifications turned off and had rules for it. But lately, I’ve crept into looking at it a bit more than I like.

So I got a watch. Now when I need to know the time, I look at my phone, then at my new fancy watch. Okay, so it’s a work in progress. I still have some rules: no phone during dinner. No phone while driving (but I never drive, so that’s an easy one).

Well, I guess I don’t have that many rules. I’m working on it. This week I’m going to try to look at my watch first, then the phone. It’s a start.

Do you have any phone rules?

Check out this great post by Meagan Francis about going phone free on a recent vacation:

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The Best of Last Week: July 29, 2011

The Best of Last Week: July 29, 2011


Here are my favorite blog posts of the week. Send me your favorite posts in the comments or on the lifewithRoozle facebook page.

On Parenting:
This week Kristen Howerton wrote a powerful post asking parents to teach their own kids about adoption so she doesn’t have to. She writes about how her son was cornered in the playground and she had to intervene, assuring the other children that she is the child’s real mother. This is a wonderful post, reminding me of my own false concepts of adoption as a child after watching Annie a few too many hundred times. You can read the full post here:

I’ve recently discovered Laurie White and her blog,, through twitter. This week she posted about an experience she had at a concert and learning how to use her words. This post is well written and reminds us to stop and just tell a story once in a while. You can read the whole story here:

Will Make You Laugh:
This post, by Neil Kramer, is hilarious. He also brings to light the expectations and challenges of online relationships. A great post. You can enjoy the whole post here:

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JP Totally Rules: Weekend of July 28 & 29

JP Totally Rules: Weekend of July 28 & 29


JP is going to be a bit quiet this weekend, but there will be good food!

  • Fish Fridays at City Feed: David usually announces when the fish arrives on twitter, so check that out to make sure you get a piece or two. We missed it last week, unfortunately. Here is a link to the twitter feed:
  •  Whisk at Fazenda: Whisk is coming to Fazenda in Forest Hills tonight. We adore Fazenda. The menu is pig: head to toe. Totally not our vegetarian thing, but we almost wish we were meat eaters so as to not miss this. Check it out and buy a ticket ahead of time: Here is the link:
  •  Brunch at the Dogwood: Roozle’s favorite is the $2 pancake. Not a special, but so awesome. Brunch starts at 10am on Saturday and Sunday. It fills up pretty fast, so go early or make a reservation through Open Table here:

This weekend’s Dogwood brunch specials are:

Crab cake Benedict with a Cajun Benedict sauce

Three pancakes topped with strawberries and Nutella whipped cream

 Since there aren’t many big events this weekend, we will probably make a trip to Allandale Farm to visit with the chickens and buy a honey stick (Roozle’s favorite), a little trip to the library and maybe some swimming at Curtis Hall.

What are you doing this weekend?



I just found out that this weekend won’t be so quiet in JP afterall! Starting tonight is The Puerto Rican Festival in Franklin Park and will run through the weekend and ends with a parade on Sunday at 3pm. Check out the details here: (Thanks Carlye!)


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Roozle’s Plate: Roozle’s Turn

Roozle’s Plate: Roozle’s Turn



Roozle loves her plates. This time, though, she wanted to make one for me. She cut and arranged the melon herself. Opened a “circle cheese.” And even added a blueberry yogurt. So fancy. Thanks, Roozle!

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Babywearing: A How To Guide by Roozle

Babywearing: A How To Guide by Roozle


First, get your beloved baby, named Ellen, and hand to your Mommy. Send Mommy inside to find something to make a backpack out of. Stand very still as Mommy turns her apron into a backpack for Ellen. Let her tie it tight so beloved baby doesn’t fall out, as she doesn’t have a helmet on and is going for a bike ride.


Next, talk the whole way to the coffee shop about what a good baby Ellen is and how she really loves to sleep in the backpack while you ride your big girl bike.


Lastly, arrive at coffee shop with a very happy Roozle and Ellen for a snack. Try not to get too much of said snack on Ellen.


Note: Ellen is Riley’s beloved Bamboletta doll we were lucky enough to get for her last June. And yes, she came with the name. Very appropriate. Roozle also has a doll named Rosie, but I named her myself. Roozle can hate us later for that.

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