What’s For Dinner: Tofu Night

What’s For Dinner: Tofu Night


We don’t have tofu very often but we all love it so it’s quite a treat. Tonight was the super easy version with peppers, onions and teriyaki sauce served with basmati rice. Delicious! Next time we may just increase the veggies and skip the soy though.

What did you have for dinner?

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Week in Review: 3.11.12

Week in Review: 3.11.12

After an incredibly busy week at work, we have caught up with cleaning the house, laundry, and some food shopping. And now it’s time for Week in Review!

On Spotify: I have been loving Ani DiFranco’s album Which Side Are You On? this week. Especially the song Zoo. So good.

On the Kindle: I am still working my way through The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Almost finished. Such a good one.

Online: I’ve been enjoying Ohdeardrea’s blog this week. Apparently she is a pretty poplar mommy blogger that I somehow missed. Great photos. Adorable little kiddo. And I loved Dooce’s post about Leta losing a tooth. Classic good Dooce. I am on and off with her, but liking her work again these days.

On Instagram: While I enjoy working photos through Snapseed, I’ve been enjoying just putting them simply through the filters of instagram this week. It’s less work and I am enjoying the results.


Each night before bed, I wrote out 4 things that went right that day. This week was busy but a lot lighter than the weeks leading up to it. I’d like to think that added encouragement and perspective each day helped.


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Walking with Roozle

Walking with Roozle

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

What is happiness?

Dictionary.com defines it as the quality or state of being happy, good fortune, contentment, pleasure, or joy.


How do we become happy?

I just found this wikiHow that that lays it out. How to be happy in 8 steps.


Do we even need to be happy?

PhDinParenting posted about happiness in parenting yesterday. She asked, “Are we too obsessed with happiness?” Yes. Probably.


Are you happy?

For me, so much of my happiness is based on my perspective. If I am able to take the time to gain some perspective, it helps. A lot. Even when things are hard and disappointing.


Happiness Mission

For the next two weeks, starting today, I am going to write four things that went right that day in four aspects of my life each night before bed. I encourage you to join me and modify your list of four that matches your struggles and joys. I think we all too often focus on the negative and could use a little more encouragement and a nice long list of everything that is going right.

1. Parenting

2. Marriage

3. Work

4. Myself


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