Weekly Roundup: 2.25.12

This past week was February vacation for Roozle. MCB stayed home with her all week and I worked my regular schedule. Our rhythm was off, but Roozle adjusted much better this time than she has in the past. I think it helped that Mama was home all week and we didn’t switch it up at all. They enjoyed driving me to work and picking me up most days, so I didn’t take the train as I had planned and hoped for, but it was very fun to have a Roozle visit at the office after a long day. Here are a few of my favorite things from the week.


On the Kindle: I finished The War of Art this week. The end was totally disappointing, but the rest of the book was great. I actually plan to read it again soon, but will for sure skip the last section. It got a little too Angels and Demons for this atheist. Other than that, it was a great book and I highly recommend it.


On Spotify: I am beginning to discover Florence + The Machine. The Drumming Song is blowing me away and I’ve had it on repeat whenever my office mate isn’t around.  So good. Especially when loud.


On YouTube: Roozle and I made a video of ridiculousness. She loves the feature on the iPhone of flipping the camera back so she can see herself on the phone while we make the video. She also really likes to show her feet to the camera for some reason.


On Instagram: I have been enjoying taking photos this week and one of my Strangers in Transit photos was featured on strangersintransit.com. MCB finally got her iPhone and is quickly becoming an instagram fanatic.


Online: I read this article about French Parenting this week and shared it on the LifewithRoozle facebook page. There are some great comments over there. I am working on a response to this article that I plan to publish tomorrow. I also enjoyed this blog post about letting your kids eat in the car. Roozle has snacks in the car everyday and every time we clean the car out we say we are definitely going to stop the eating in the car. And then we don’t. But we don’t ever drive far enough or often enough to deal with the eating meals in the car problem. We for sure have the no milk rule though.

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