Here & There

Here & There

By focusing on taking photos lately, I am reminded that my world is big. And right here. Yesterday I went out to explore. The girls were home napping, so I had some time. I started by riding the T for a bit. I had no destination. The loose plan was to ride inbound for a bit, get off, and ride outbound back home.

I rode in to Ruggles. The outbound train was just leaving when I arrived so it took a while for the next train to arrive. The sun was shining through openings and stairwells. Strangers wandered and sat. One lit a cigarette and hid himself in a dark corner. A young girl lost her mittens. Two young men shifted their weight, holding their place while waiting.

The train arrived.

Some of us got on the same car. Others spread out. We became passengers. I watched as the young men got off at the next stop. For the amount of time we waited, they could’ve walked faster to the stop than waiting. No one said a thing.

An old man got on the train and chose not to sit with me. He found the right spot and settled in with his newspaper. It was in a language I did not recognize. I thought about the foreign words swimming in his mind. And the equally as foreign thoughts in my own.

I decided to get off the train a stop before my own. To walk the rest of the way. Half way there, I stopped at a pub for a cider and tweeted to friends to join me. They arrived within minutes. We shared a basket of fries and conversation.

Have you ever taken the time to explore your neighborhood? Tammy Strobel wrote about this in today’s inbox letter and linked to this great guide to exploration.


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