I’ve been wanting to start making candles for a while now but never got around to making the candle wick. Yesterday some friends came over for our-kids-are-napping-time crafting and one brought some crafting supplies she wanted to pass on. In the bag was a little candle making kit! Perfect!

Tonight after Bird went to bed, I melted the sweet beeswax on the stove and made us a delicious candle to fill the house with warmth and yumminess this fall. I can’t wait to make these as gifts this winter.

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  1. I love the mini mason jar! Where did you get those? Now I want to make candles again :)

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    • I got a case of them at Allendale a few weeks ago. I went last week and they aren’t selling them anymore. But I did see lots of different sizes at True Value on Centre Street. That’s where I got a case of my FAVORITE ones, the 1/2 gallons! Those are the best (especially for yogurt). Mason jars do have bpa in the covers, so I slip a small piece of wax paper over the top and put the cover over it so the food or whatever doesn’t touch the covers at all.

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